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Nice France - Education of Evil - Pathetic Acts - The State's Duty - Feminism

Nice, France is pathetic.   It is not terrorism in terms of cells and planning and a long term steady strategy to some anti-state status, likely with the replacement of the state with another.  In this case the Caliphate.

September 11 was terrorism which required a long term setting to be able to plan and then execute the attack.  That is why the USA righteously and within law – as near majority of Congress shows –  attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq.   The Iraq War legitimacy  has nothing to do whether it was effective or a strategic error, it was specifically authorized as per US domestic law and received support from all of NATO but for, ironically, France.  It was "right", it was to remove the setting for another attack against the USA.  And this seems to have worked.

Nice and Paris 15 was not such an attack; in fact ISIS is now scrambling to find if they should lay claim to Nice.  Bouhlel obviously acted on his own.

The truck driver Bouhlel was a pathetic coward who sought  a way to die such as  he could not fail his code and psychosis,  as he would undoubtedly have done so,  if he just leaped off a building.  He is likely psychologically dysfunctional – my guess is narcissism where he has to be against all proof the center of all, even his death.  And this results in incredible carnage which is even more stunning considering how pathetic the actor.

And the arrogance and lack of protection from the security and defensive functions in Nice is stunning.  Where were the 5 ton pots of concrete, perhaps with a tree in it for décor, which are dropped off in access to all public gatherings to a stop truck or car bomb, or this pathetic suicide that simply drives a truck at a rather slow clip down well over a 1 kilometer esplanade. That was clearly a failure of the state, to anticipate the Bouhlels.

“[Perverse] unreason has its own logical processes”
Conrad “The Secret Agent”.

Conrad gives the key.  What are the “logical processes” that allowed Bouhlel to commit such evil?

The best study of evil that I have encountered – I reject Arendt idea that evil is banal, especially if institutionalized – is Gitta Sereny’s “Into That Darkness” which intimately examines Franz Stangl.  She points out that monsters like Bouhlel via the Stangl examination require to be educated:

“But what is important is that it is hard to see in this instance what they have to gain by denying that they had been “schooled” for murder at the euthanasia institutes, if that in fact was what happened. They would surely appear in a slightly less terrible light if they could claim that they had been scientifically conditioned – brainwashed – to death-camp work, rather than assigned to it because their natures seemed particularly suited to such activity.” 

And, that is the process required to turn a pathetic Bouhlel from committing some evil act, perhaps a murder suicide of his wife, versus feeling justified to try and kill 84 people in a most mundane manner, simply driving leisurely down a road, so as to pay honor to his evil psychosis.  And that is what is also pathetic, that Bouhlel requires such a justification to provide a more complex setting for his demise.  That at his core Bouhlel is a moral man requiring a reason to commit such evil. And he requires to be educated in evil.

And it is this line the state must work upon, the need for Bouhlel to justify his actions and the education required for him to acquire that justification.  And then the key question as to why was a Bouhlel not brought to the attention of the state by someone close to him? 

For in the end the only way to stop a Bouhlel – once he is educated and reached a certain level of psychosis -  is to have those in his proximity to cough him up, to expel him from their group.

Winnie Verloc in “The Secret Agent” is an excellent sketch as to what is required.   Once Verloc settled on using the simple Stevie as his vehicle to deliver the bomb, Winnie ended killing her husband, Verloc, over his use of Stevie.  If she had known what Verloc was up to then she would have killed him before he got Stevie blown apart. 

The core to Islamism is a sexual dysfunction which shows most in ISIS with their sexual slavery and pedophile policy to reward the “holy warriors”.  Furthermore, the founding intellectual father of Islamism, from its roots in the Moslem Brotherhood  is Sayyid Qutb who during the process of his religious education ends up at a church in Arizona where he becomes convinced by the lasciviousness of the Americans – who danced slow and listened to Jazz – returns to Egypt with certainty as to who the core “Satan” was that was required to be eliminated for the Caliphate.  While it could require books and books to examine what I just said, it is at its core a sexual psychosis that dropped the Twin Towers, that allows ISIS to assist in the current terrorism, to crucify children, for Saudi Arabia to lop the heads off women for adultery.  And for Bouhlel to kill, now at, 84 people.

Therefore it is the women associated with Islamist that are the required defense of the state.  All wives and sisters and daughters of the Islamist must be turned into a Winnie Verloc, to have a cause or belief that is beyond the sexual psychosis that is permissioned and core to the Islamist.  If Winnie Verloc had an opposing education that Verloc had received to justify his acts, then she would have stopped Verloc cold before he implemented his terrorist attack.  And if Bouhlel’s wife had received a counter education then she would have likely turned him in to the state prior to his truck drive.  The state must recognize the centrality of sexuality to the Islamist terrorist and empower the Islamist female body to protect themselves, for it is not the women nor her children or everything she holds dear that goes to Paradise after the terrorist act but lives in desperation after her husband, brother, son, or father commit such acts.  And this education must be provided before the Islamist can seduce and co-opt associated females so they are either the actual bomber or accomplices.

The state has every right to insist that given your presence within the state you must subscribe to the state’s curriculum of education.  Just as all children are now taught to be aware and ready for pedophiles, the young girls must be educated and indoctrinated that the temporal state is the sacred institution and that the afterlife is for another time and state.  That to harm the state will not only bring them great harm by association but also their families.  Furthermore all children must be educated in feminism, such that when the make’s close to them claim religiosity to allow their misogyny they have both the education to identify what it is and also have recourse in terms of leaving that association so as to enjoy their “inalienable rights”.  The state cannot abide or stand misogyny or inequality between genders as per a false sense of cultural relativism – all women must be educated, no matter what creed or culture they are born within and live with as to the merit of feminism and how it is the state that secures equal status for them.  All women must be liberated under the protection and education of the state.  The state must remove the hijab, prohibit the burka, bigamy, primogeniturship, asymmetrical divorces, honor codes – basically prohibit Sharia law as per its application. This is  not a matter of idealism, this is simply a matter of protection of the state from the Islamist Verloc’s and to generate a defense of educated Winnie Verlocs.

This is so important that the state must insist on this within their sovereignty but also insist upon it to any interacting state.  My read is that this is as slavery was in the days of Wilberforce which perhaps his thoughts were used by the UK to extend the empire, it still ended with a global adherence to the illegality of slavery, and to have slavery the state would be a pariah amongst nation.  So too must be the global standard for feminism where to provide anything less than full liberation and equality between the sexes is a crime against humanity.  While I understand that this is thought to be impossible by most, that the Wahhab of Saudi Arabia have their right to enslave women, but the civilized world thought the same for slavery in the USA and Saudi Arabia – a province of the Ottoman – but still Wilberforce laws turned that acceptance even to the point of perhaps being the root cause of the US Civil War.

But certainly the state can insist on such standards within their own borders.  Since the Enlightenment and even before with the ideals of Aristotle and then Machiavelli, it has been realized that the state is required for any protection and advancement of the human ideals and freedom.  That the Islam idea of a heaven on Earth and the “Caliphate” leads to misery.  That the state is the vital structure to protect mankind from the shared innate evil so as to allow the enjoyment of rights and liberty.

It is this, the centrality of the state, which causes such hatred from the Islamist for france and the USA.  It is the state that broadcasts its “exceptionalism” to all mankind that is the dire enemy of the Islamist, and which in the end will make them extinct.  And by doing so in effect killing God.

The failure of the state insisting on full realized equality for the sexes is why we had such evil visited upon Nice – and it is only via education to counter the education of evil Bouhlel receive which in the end will be the protection.

Since the state is in itself adequate legitimate reason for the state to do anything in defense of the state, it is legitimate to eliminate the education Bouhlel.  To see it as an education and not as a cultural norm.  The state should seek out all the anti-state educators of the Islamist and liquidate them.  All Friday prayers should be monitored, all material that is sent to the Islamist anywhere in the world must be intercepted.  The imam’s or scholars or leadership that are the source of this material must be eliminated as quickly as possible.  The standards to decide who or what is an enemy of the state is any content which encourages or supports an attack upon the state via violence or destruction or can reasonably be perceived as leading to that.  Under a state of emergency, the sovereignty of France is justified to not provide habeas corpus but to take immediate action against such actors so it is impossible to educate a Bouhlel to an institutionalized Stangl like evil.  It is not bombing Syria or taking military action or punitive measures to the ISIS rabble – though I do think that should occur for other reasons -it is to disrupt the education of the Bouhlels that must occur.


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