Saturday, January 10, 2009

Images of whats in store or potential....

Perhaps daft but certain image memories come up as I go along - usually nice things like the example pics Microsoft provides for your desktop background of kittens and landscapes.

But lately, as I become increasingly concerned with my peer groups complacency in accepting the current economic environment with fatalism and irony, babbling that AAPL is cheap or whether there is a weekend play in oil, while we may proceed into a political and economic environment that will be so harsh we only have two or three examples to use as references in last 200 years. I also see politicians thinking along business as usual while I perceive the economic equivalent to Pearl Harbor has occurred. And despite the many Nobels and decades if not centuries in advancement of economics as a side car to history to being its own science, I see incredibly functional illiteracy in basic economic principles. This is as important a factor as if the US Army was baffled by aerial warfare circa December 1941.

So images come up now not of kittens and large fun balloons but the following:

In terms of what is watching us, considering if we will proceed in a correct fashion:


Ans if we carry on with this inept and politically cowardly "Obama Biden Plan:

Goya created this art as the concept of "nation state" emerged in the romantic/Goethe phase best represented by Napoleon. It was Napoleon's impact on Spain which motivated Goya for all his "black" paintings/ Beethoven was more cheerful about the nation state as shown by his Eroica dedicated to Napoleon.
Anyway - thats where my thoughts are now in terms of how serious how historical the current economic situation is.
I know this isnt graphs and pics, dont worry will purge much of those here....this is the start.

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